Telkomsat and ITTP Hold Webinar: HTS Satellite Solution For Fast Internet

  • February 11, 2021
Bogor - In order to provide the latest information about High Throughput Satellite (HTS) technology, Telkomsat and the Telkom Purwokerto Institute of Technology (ITTP) held a webinar with the theme "HTS Satellite Solutions for Fast Internet" which was held through Video Conference and live streaming Youtube, on Friday 5 February 2021.

This webinar was attended by more than 300 participants, consisting of Telkomsat employees and ITTP students who are interested in satellite technology. Also present as the main resource persons were the CTO of Telkomsat, Anggoro K. Widiawan, Ph.D and the event moderator, Wahyu Pamungkas S.T., M.T who served as an ITTP lecturer. In addition, this event was also attended by Telkomsat Senior Leaders and ITTP Rector, Dr. Ali Rokhman, M.Si and other ITTP Vice Chancellors.

In his remarks, the CTO of Telkomsat welcomed the collaboration that is currently being established between Telkomsat and ITTP. One of the collaborations developed by Telkomsat and ITTP is the Learning Management System (LMS) application. Through this LMS application, it is hoped that it can improve Learning Capability Systems in Telkomsat.

According to the Chancellor of ITTP, this cooperation is expected to create useful collaboration between Telkomsat and ITTP. In addition, through this LMS application it can benefit both parties in particular and the Telkom Group in the development of knowledge.

The LMS application is a solution that can help, plan, and implement a digital learning process that Telkomsat needs in the Covid-19 pandemic to manage digital learning for its employees.

After delivering the remarks, followed by a webinar presented by the CTO of Telkomsat. In his presentation, he explained about the role of satellite as the first frontier for the emergence of innovation until the digital era as it is today. In addition, he also discussed the characteristics of satellites, the concept of HTS, and the comparison of conventional satellites with HTS.

“The technology adopted by HTS has a much larger bandwidth capacity compared to other conventional satellites. HTS can divide the coverage area into several spot beams, with a more efficient use of frequencies (frequency re-use). HTS has a larger capacity compared to other conventional satellites." He said.

In addition, he gave an example of a comparison layout if Indonesia uses conventional satellites with HTS.

"With the example of the HTS configuration which is estimated to have 37 spot beams, Indonesia can get a throughput of 30 Gbps. This value is close to 10 times that of a conventional satellite. Because if you use conventional satellites, the resulting throughput is only 3.3 Gbps," He added.

"This HTS technology can be a fast internet solution that can be used for back-haul, core network or internet access." according to the CTO of Telkomsat.

After the presentation of the material, the activity was continued with a question and answer session and discussion. There were lots of questions from the participants, this shows how enthusiastic the participants were with the material this time. The activity was also continued with a quiz about the material presented by the speakers.

Through this webinar, it is hoped that the participants will get information and knowledge about satellite technology in the future, and it is hoped that the material presented by the speakers can be applied as well as applied in daily learning by students.