Telkomsat Go Global

  • March 27, 2021
Jakarta - Director of Enterprise Business & Service of PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk Edi Witjara accompanied by CEO of Telkomsat Endi Fitri Herlianto and CMO of Telkomsat Puguh Indaryono held a meeting with Deputy Chief of Mission - Indonesian Embassy in India - Ferdy Piay who was accompanied by the First Secretary for Economics Annie Yulianti, Bayunto Samba and Charles Miduk Somara and Trade Attache Bona Kusuma, Friday (26/3).

The meeting, which was held virtually, was a gathering place and at the same time continued the previous discussions carried out by the CEO of Telkomsat & the Director of South and Central Asia of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in mid-2020 regarding the exploration of the G2G cooperation with the South Asia satellite capacity with the Indian government.

This is in line with the CFUE Program in 2021, namely strengthening the Go To Market by seeing new opportunities, mobilizing energy smartly and targeting the right segment which is enriched with various potential business models to become the next big things.

"This is one of TelkomGroup's efforts to accelerate the monetizing capacity of the Merah Putih satellite which covers South Asia, especially India. The Indonesian Embassy in India as the representative of the Indonesian government in India better understands the geopolitical situation in India, so that it can provide information and guidance for TelkomGroup in finding the right partner, so that existing resources can be optimized and can provide benefits to TelkomGroup and the State." said Chief Edi.

Ferdy Piay welcomes the initiation made by TelkomGroup in continuing communication with the Indonesian Embassy in India. As the government's representative in India, the Indonesian Embassy is committed and fully supports various efforts for Indonesia's national interests, including TelkomGroup's business interests in expanding business in India.

The Indonesian Embassy conveyed several positive indicators related to market opportunities in India. First, India is the 2nd most populous country in the world and based on predictions in less than a decade, India will surpass the population of China. So it is a big market potential, especially 70% of Indian people are in rural areas. Second, the Indian government has issued a National Digital Communication Policy in September 2018 which is aimed at attracting around USD 100 billion of investment and generating 4 million new jobs by 2022. And third, the Department of Telecommunications India has allocated around IDR 13 trillion in funds in 2021 expenditure for the telecommunications sector, which increased by 184% compared to 2020.

India is indeed challenging, but according to Ferdy Piay, if we understand the ways and means and understand knocking the right door, it can be anticipated and resolved properly, and this is the role that the Indonesian Embassy will play. Cooperation in the provision of telecommunication services is a new industry for the Indonesian Embassy because usually what the Indonesian Embassy handles is manufacturing and trading cooperation such as coal and palm oil. However, this potential must be exploited as much as possible, especially since India always asks Indonesia to provide access to their services in Indonesia so that it can be used to request a reciprocal with the Indian government.

Furthermore, the First Secretary for Economic Affairs of the Indonesian Embassy in India Annie Yulianti said that the Indonesian Embassy had been exploring related parties in India since September 2020, namely the Department of Telecommunication India, Invest India which is an institution that helps the process of foreign investment entering India and has communicated with the Executive Director of New Space India Limited which is an Indian government agency that handles the satellite business. Currently the Government of India is also in the process of reforming regulations in the space and telecommunications sector and forming an agency under the Department of Space called IN-SPACe (Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center). And this institution needs to be explored further by TelkomGroup and will be facilitated by the Indonesian Embassy in India.

At the end of the meeting, TelkomGroup and the Indonesian Embassy in India agreed to more intensive coordination at the working level and planned a visit to India to meet several related institutions at the end of April 2021 (Corcom TSAT-EBIS).