Telkomsat Helps Local Governments Open Internet Access in Blankspot Areas

  • April 18, 2019
Sukabumi - PT. Telkom Satelit Indonesia (Telkomsat) stated ready to help Sukabumi Regency Government to open internet access for blankspot areas or not reach communication signals. Technology and human resources owned by PT. Telkomsat can open isolation of blankspot areas with internet access using satellite or wireless.

It was said by the representative of Telkomsat, Restu Lingga at the hearing with the Regent of Sukabumi, H. Marwan Hamami along with ranks at the Sukabumi Hall, Tuesday (04/16/2019). With the technology developed, said Restu, Telkomsat can provide full support to the community of Sukabumi Regency without having to build telecommunications towers.

"This internet access no longer uses towers but directly with satellites. The quality is better and clearer. We are ready to help the community and local governments in Sukabumi Regency to open internet access in areas that are not reachable by communication signals," Restu said.

On the offer from Telkomsat, the Regent of Sukabumi said that there were still villages in the region he was leading that could not access the internet. This condition often creates obstacles for these villages in submitting reports through the Village Financial System (Siskeudes).

"At least there are 12 sub-districts that do not have adequate internet access, while we need that access to explore the area and also to accelerate village financial reporting," said the regent.

In line with the regent, in the same place the Head of Information and Public Communication (IKP) at the Communication, Information and Coding (Kominfosan) Office of Sukabumi Regency, Herdy Somantri said, the process of information distribution in several regions was still constrained by the limited internet network.

"Hopefully the support of satellite-based internet access can help the process of information distribution. This is very important because in the future we will develop several application systems such as smart villages, e-ambulances, e-damkar, e-praja, even the musrenbang process can be done through the application", explained Herdy, who is familiarly called Bima.

The development of various applications that support the smooth development and service in the village, continued Bima, is part of the commitment of the Sukabumi Regency Government in improving the quality and ease of service to the community.

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