Telkomsat Holds a Senior Leader Meeting event "Improve Company Achievements and Performance in 2021"

  • April 08, 2021
Bogor - In order to evaluate the Achievement of Q1, Outlook Q2, Work Program for Each Unit in 2021 and as a gathering place for Senior Leaders before fasting, Telkomsat held a Senior Leader Meeting which was held in Bogor, on April 6, 2021.

This activity was attended by all Board of Directors and Senior Leaders of Telkomsat. Before the event starts, participants are required to take a Rapid Test that has been provided at the location and apply health protocols during the event.

The event began with watching a company profile video to increase employee awareness of the company's development, followed by a presentation on the company's existing policies, such as Human Capital, Logistics and Finance Policy delivered by each VP. In their presentations, the VPs explained and socialized the existing policies in the company, both old and new, so that employees could better understand and carry out business processes properly.

In addition to the policy presentation, the next session was continued with presentations from the BOD regarding the achievements of their respective Directorates in Q1-2021, Q2-2021 outlook and work programs in 2021. Discussion on Q1-2021 performance aims to discuss the obstacles experienced in Q1 so that it can be done repair and prevention of the same constraints will not be repeated in the next period, so that it can be a boost-up to the performance of Q2 - 2021.

At the end of the event, the CEO of Telkomsat Endi Fitri Herlianto, gave an explanation of the importance of being a Great Leader in order to be able to contribute optimally and advance the company so that it continues to grow in a sustainable, and achieve good profitability amid the various challenges and digital opportunities that exist.

In addition, he appealed to all employees to always work hard and maintain compactness among colleagues and to give best efforts without exception so that the company's target can be achieved this year.

Through this activity, it is hoped that it can become an evaluation forum for senior leaders to advance Telkomsat so that it can continue to grow competitively and achieve a good level of profitability in 2021.