Telkomsat Wins International Awards at the 2021 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards

  • May 11, 2021
Jakarta - The MANTOOLS application, presented by PT Telkom Satelit Indonesia (Telkomsat), won an award at the 2021 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards by winning the Bronze Stevie Winner in the Innovative Use of Technology in Human Resources category, on Thursday (06/05).

The Manage Assurance Network Tool System Application (MANTOOLS) is a mobile and web-based software presented by Telkomsat for interference handling which is used to create trouble tickets, allocate technicians and monitor realtime disturbance resolution.

This application is a platform as well as a platform for internal technicians, partnership and freelancers to support the company's assurance process related to resource requirements for fixing problems. MANTOOLS has an integrated system, one of which is a payment gateway such as LinkAja, Midtrans, and Finpay. This of course will make it easier to support technicians to meet the operational needs of technical handling.

Presented To Maintain Customer Satisfaction

The MANTOOLS application makes it easy for Telkomsat to find technicians quickly according to location. The technician search process, starting from recruitment, search and assignments, is carried out in real time and effectively.

Starting from receiving interference from customers, then making tickets and assigning technicians to the MANTOOLS Complaint Handling application, followed by allocating resources for maintenance through the MANTOOLS BackEnd application which is already integrated with the payment gateway system. Then the technician can receive the details of the problem in the MANTOOLS Apps application and solve it.

Supports Telkomsat Business

The MANTOOLS application on Telkomsat has been used by more than 600 internal technicians, partnership and freelancers. Since being used in August 2019, this application has helped resolve more than 43,000 interference tickets experienced by the Banking and Finance, Consumer, Maritime, Government, and OLO segments.

In addition, this application can reduce maintenance operational costs by up to 23%. This is very beneficial for Telkomsat because it can maintain cost efficiency and maintain service quality and minimize duration in the event of a system disruption.

In the future business prospects, this application is able to handle interference tickets of up to 36,000 tickets in one year and presents the potential for technicians who will join each province up to a total of a total of 180 technicians per year.

According to the CTO of Telkomsat Anggoro Kurnianto Widiawan, “The Mantools application is our own innovation in Telkomsat. We are proud that through this application, we have been able to deliver Telkomsat to win an international class award. We will not stop here, and we will definitely present further innovations for all Indonesian people."

The MANTOOLS application can support the acceleration of a smart digital platform echoed by the Telkom Group which is believed to provide benefits for the progress of the Indonesian nation and maintain the sustainability of the Company's business going forward.