mangoesky is a broadband internet service that provide internet access to the internet user community through satellite media (VSAT IP). This service is a data communication service using satellite access media with Internet Protocol (IP)-based TDM (Time Division Multiplex)/TDM Access (TDMA) technology. The VSAT IP system topology is a star with one HUB system and a number of remote. HUB communicates with remote node using TDM channels while remote node send data to hubs using TDMA channels. VSAT-IP is often referred to as VSAT Shared because the frequency channels are jointly used by all remotes.

Not only the access of internet connection, mangoesky also provides free FTA channels. This service provides solutions to the consumer of retail, residential, cafes/villas, UKMs/SMEs, schools, government offices and corporations in rural or sub-urban areas that are not covered by ADSL, fiber and high-speed mobile access services.
The mangoesky service provides internet speeds up to 2 Mbps and up to 6 Mbps. Not only an internet connection, mangoesky also provides bonus in the form of a free STB TV as an edutainment media with various TV channels.
In addition to providing internet access, mangoesky creates several bundling products based on Internet of Things (IoT) such as mangoesky for cafe, mangoesky CCTV secure mobile, mangoesky finger print online, mangoesky mobile, mangoesky educational application, mangoesky health application, mangoesky smart village application, alert support, closed network, to bundling mangoesky for housing developers.

mangoesky Service Advantages

Service coverage throughout Indonesia
High-speed satellite internet
Has a high level of security
High reliability with SLA guarantees of 95%
Borderless, mangoesky can be installed anywhere because it uses satellites so no need to wait for the manufacture of the infrastructure at the installation site
Reliable technicians are spread throughout Indonesia
Satisfactory after sales service is supported by 7x24 hour Helpdesk and experienced NOC
Network Monitoring System (NMS) that monitors and regulates VSAT network performance
Positive internet, commitment of Telkom group to impose positive internet to limit access to restricted sites
Small size parabolic antenna compared to similar VSAT
The latest internet modem device
High speed internet connection up to 2Mbps and 6Mbps
Top up quota easily thorugh SMS, mangoesky website & application, and through the mangoesky store in the following e-Commerce: Bukalapak, Tokopedia,, Blibli dan Elevenia


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