Our Benefits


Telkomsat has proven its endurance since 1995 and has always been updated with current and future technology. Up to now, Telkomsat has possessed complete products and services and has been transformed into a provider of communication solutions and network.

We supported by technicians who are stand by in 40 logistic locations in Indonesia and services Support. Telkomsat is committed to providing the best products and services to the customers by implementing the following rules and approaches to ensure the customer’s satisfaction.


Leading Satellite Service Company

Telkomsat is a Leading Satellite Service Provider Company with the following experience:

  • Have long experience in Satcom activities
  • Satellite Operation Capability to become a Satellite Service
  • Significant funding potential to support the initiative
  • telecommunication incumbent with extensive retail network


Human Resources

Telkomsat is supportedby certified technicians and has competence in their fields to supportand provide the best service for customer satisfaction. The certificates are:

  • Global VSAT Forum (GVF)
  • Satellite Network Engineering Training 
  • PMI Risk Management Professional 
  • KNS Workshop for Antenna Gyro System 
  • Advanced iDirect IOM iDX 3.2 Course 
  • Configuration & Implementation of Group QO Soni Direct Networks
  • Mikrotik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing &Switching (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching


Base Throughout Indonesia

Base and spare-part positioning to a closer location to the Customer enables Telkomsat to perform maintenance and establish new service installation. Each Base is dedicated to focus on providing service for Customers’ locations within one cluster. Ultimately, the entire bases serve clusters with working territory that covers the entire Indonesia


Monitoring System & 24-Hours Help Desk Support

Telkomsat develops a monitoring system which aims to remotely monitor realtime and detect it early if there is a service disruption.
Telkomsat provide too a Help Desk that is always there to provide assistance for the Customer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every complaint regarding telecommunication service shall be recorded and every follow-up step will be reported through the Help Desk.

To ensure that the service provided is in accordance with the SLA (Service Level Agreement), service availability report will be submitted to the Customer periodically every month.


Technician Visit

Being aware that telecommunication service has become an increasingly important means for the Customers’ business success, Telkomsat continues to maintain its quality by scheduling periodic technician visit to perform preventive maintenance in Customer’s location. Whenever there is system disorder, a technician will be sent immediately to the Customer’s location to perform corrective maintenance in order to minimize the duration of system disorder.


Global Partnership

Telkomsat collaborates with several global partnerships in the fields of maritime and aviation including:

  • Maritime
  • Aviation
  • Speedcast, Inmarsat, AST, KNS, & iDirect
  • Rockwell Collins, Arinc, Sita On Air, & Panasonic


Realible Infrastructure

As a solution and telecommunication network service provider, Telkomsat understands that the Customer require a very favourable service availability. In order to be able to fulfil such requirement, Telkomsat provides a reliable infrastructure. Redundant electricity resources are provided in the form of UPS and Generator Set. Adequate spare-parts with hot standby and cold standby characters are provided for the primary devices.