Multi Channel Per Carrier (MCPC)

The MCPC Broadcast Platform is a cost-effective solution for distributing broadcasts throughout the area covered by the Merah Putih Satellite located in an orbit slot 108 ° East.

With the support of reliable satellite technology, earth stations and terrestrial networks, ensuring broadcasts can be delivered to viewers quickly and efficiently, so that they can support subscribers in increasing the number of channels, expanding markets and increasing broadcast coverage.

The MCPC platform can distribute high-quality SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Distribution) broadcasts supported by DVB-S2 standards and MPEG-4 compression technology.

This MCPC platform complements broadcast distribution solutions that continue to grow and are trusted by National Broadcasters.

Keunggulan Layanan MCPC

Flexibility of data rate based services (Mbps)
Fixed data rate guarantee to maintain broadcast quality
Monitoring service through Telkomsat NMS 24 x 7
Using the Merah Putih Satellite launched on August 7, 2018
Using Telkomsat's Satellite technology with a good elevation angle so that it can reach all regions of Indonesia
Uplink (Teleport) facility in Bogor
24/7 Customer Service


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